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How to Use the vidIQ AI Coach to Make Engaging Videos

How well does the vidIQ AI Coach work when helping with ideas for improving your YouTube channel? Actually, there is a lot of potential behind the platform. Not because It’ll make videos for you, but because of how it works in general.

This is one of the few instances that I support the use of artificial intelligence. Despite your best efforts, computers can simply process data far faster than the human brain can handle.

What is the vidIQ AI Coach?

The vidIQ AI Coach is a property in the vidIQ dashboard that can help you plan your next videos. Using artificial intelligence and the data concerning your particular channel, the program will assist in giving you ideas of what to record next.

You can either use a fast Basic search of your data, use the Advanced option for further details, or use the pre-written prompts depending on your immediate needs.

The best part of the AI Coach is that it will scan through the data of how your videos perform on YouTube. That means it is hyper-relevant to your channel as well as your current audience.

This ultimately reduces the chances of something you create flopping for those who are subscribed or otherwise consume your content.

How to Use the AI Coach of vidIQ

I’ve been using vidIQ to manage my channel since 2018. In the past, I utilized its ability to show keyphrases and determine which topics would be easiest to rank for on YouTube.

Plus, I like how it assembles all of the pertinent data of my channel in one location.

Still, the addition of the AI Coach has the potential to be a game-changer for a lot of creators. In fact, I plan on using it far more in the future.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that the data available to the AI Coach is delayed by 72 hours. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of YouTube metrics are processed several days behind.

So, if you’re looking for answers regarding a video from yesterday, it won’t be included.

There are a few different ways you can use the vidIQ AI Coach. I’ll go through each method, that way you can get an idea of what to expect. In this instance, I’m using the data from my writing channel.

Basic (Fast) Reporting

The first option is the Basic AI tool. This will deliver results quickly by going over the surface-level data of your YouTube channel. Simply select Basic if it’s not already highlighted and ask the AI a question.

For this example, let’s see what the system thinks about the next writing app I review for my audience.

vidIQ AI Coach Basic

In this case, the AI gave a pretty basic reply. However, it did provide ideas for a few apps that I have yet to review on the channel. But what if we restructured the query a bit?

AI Response

Let’s ask the AI Coach in a different way for video ideas.

This particular prompt went a bit further by showing the different types of videos I can make regarding the topic.

Video Types Response

Given the nature of AI, you’ll have to try a few different types of questions to get a more in-depth response. However, the AI will do its best to provide a clear answer based on the data of your channel.

By itself, the Basic AI function can offer quite a bit if you’re struggling for ideas.

Advanced Channel Data

By selecting the Advanced Channel Data option, you’re provided with more in-depth information personalized to your YouTube channel, detailed audits of your channel’s performance, and the data metrics of your videos.

When asking a question in the Advanced Channel Data, it takes the AI much longer to provide an answer. However, the details of those answers are far more detailed than with the basic tool.

Let’s ask the advanced AI what writing app I should make a video on next.

Advanced AI Coach Response

As you can see, the details within the response are quite a bit more precise than the general response from the Basic tool.

Then, you can take any of those suggestions and go even deeper with the AI. For example, let’s say that I’m interested in making Scrivener videos.

Detailed Topic Response

You’ll have to fine-tune your questions a bit if you’re looking for specific topics. But there was one time when the vidIQ AI Coach provided the title, video description, suggested length, and suggested thumbnails for each video.

Exploring Prompts

The vidIQ AI Coach has pre-written prompts that you can use with the system. These are some of the most common questions that any creator would ask, so all you have to do is click on one that you want to know.

Given the nature of some of these prompts, it takes about as long as a question would when selecting the Advanced tool. That’s because of the amount of data vidIQ has to process for the answer.

Currently, you have four categories you can choose from for the AI prompts:

  • Most Popular
  • Video Strategy
  • Channel Analysis
  • Audience Engagement

Simply pick one and let the AI do the rest.

For example, let’s say that I’m curious about doubling down on certain video topics. I would click on “Video Strategy” and then click the prompt I want to use.

AI Prompt Idea

The AI Coach will then scan through the YouTube channel’s data and provide the best answer on past performance.

AI Coach Prompt

But, what if you don’t want to double down on the suggested topic? Well, you can alter the prompt and ask the question a different way. In this instance, I asked the same question again but added, “except Texbroker.”

Adjusting Prompts

The bottom line is that there are quite a few prompts that you can use and then change to discover more about your channel and its performance. Aside from the keyword function of vidIQ, I think the AI Coach is probably one of the most informative if you need ideas about what to create.

Better yet, you could get the ideas from the AI Coach and then use vidIQ’s keyword tool to refine the script and video even further. This should help you deliver an amazing video hyper-relevant to your audience.

Not to mention potentially scoring well in terms of SEO on both YouTube and Google.

Why the vidIQ AI Coach is Great for YouTube

Perhaps the best feature of the AI Coach is that it bases its answers on your specific channel. This means it is tailored to the type of content you create as well as what resonates with your audience.

Instead of getting a general idea of what you could publish next, vidIQ helps guide you to ideas that are more likely to be effective. Remember, this is all based on your channel and the people who watch your content.

That’s the biggest problem with many of these keyword tools that are available today. Most base the information on a general consensus of what works across YouTube as a whole. And when you’re targeting a specific viewer type, general information is just not as effective.

This is primarily why understanding channel analytics is vital. The data is focused more on what works best for you and your viewers.

The vidIQ AI Coach does this by quickly processing that data to provide answers. Sure, you can create spreadsheets galore and crunch your own numbers. In fact, I have a few myself for analyzing certain metrics. But the AI Coach streamlines certain aspects in a fraction of the time.

Also, bear in mind that this is the worst the AI will ever be. What I mean by that is how AI will continue to get better and evolve over time.

Regardless, I believe the AI Coach is probably one of the better tools in vidIQ and I’m looking forward to exploring more about my channel.

What AI Tools Do You Use for YouTube Videos?

I typically don’t use AI tools to create much of anything. I’m the guy who loves to crunch the numbers and figure out what works best without assistance. Yet, I do see quite a bit of value in the AI Coach from vidIQ.

There are a lot of tools out there that center around artificial intelligence, though. And most I would probably never use because I would rather do it myself or actually pay a talented person to do it for me.

For instance, I’ll never use AI-generated content as a script or even a thumbnail. Some of these tools can help shave a lot of time off creation. But I’d rather put in the manpower and feel proud when something works.

Have you tried AI tools for your videos? If so, what has your experience been thus far?

Michael Brockbank

Michael Brockbank

Michael has been managing YouTube channels for the better part of a decade. He's continuously working to find the best methods that work for various types of content from gaming to website tutorials.

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